Dear Ellen,


I was hoping you can help make my wish come true. Well technically it's not for me. It's for all the families in our Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center praying and hoping and wishing for their sick babies. See, we’ve been one of those families but I've had my wish come true. I know what it feels like to be them.  PLEASE help me pay our miracle forward. 

My husband and I have started The Leonidas Foundation and have an annual charity polo match called Polo For Babies. Our entire mission is about People Helping People, Giving Hope & Paying Forward our good fortune by raising money for the Neonatal Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. PLEASE watch our story.  It's too good of a story to not cry tears of joy. 

This year’s event takes place on July 15th here in Cincinnati Ohio.  We have a really aggressive goal of getting to $100,000 this year, but we're only at $68,000 after 3 years. Can you help us raise awareness about our cause? I want everyone to know Adeline's story. I want everyone to know that miracles happen! I want people to have faith and ask for help in dark times. I want our family to make a difference. But we need help.  

Thanks for hopefully even considering us, but most importantly thank you for what you do. You change people's days and lives on a regular basis. I hope I can make even a fraction of impact that you make in this world! 



Betsy Leonidas